17 janvier 2011


Phil Riza , the last rock’n’roll roving troubadour.

Phil Riza was born in Marseilles in the mid sixties, but has been a rock’n’roller since the eighties. Enrolling in the army at a very young age to avoid a too common path, he finally left it to play the rock’n’roll and has never stopped ever since.
In the last few years, Phil has been travelling the world around, self producing a handful of records, bringing his wild pickin’style from the US to Japan through India and has been on the road all year long with only one goal, play the rock’n’roll everywhere and to everyone …
As a solo act or with accompaniment, Phil’s music is a generous and frenzied trip through all great music that America has offered from the 40’s to the 60’s. Mixing rockabilly and swing or country and rhythm and blues with the same talent, he can rock the house all by himself, while always trying to be backed by the ultimate band...

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